The “Next Act” trilogy includes Falling Apart, Falling for You, Maybe Now, Maybe Never, and ’Tis the Time, Tis the Season (to be released late 2024).

Suzanne Fleming is on track with a career she loves and a man who appears to be her long-awaited Mr. Right. Rachel Baran loses her husband to a heart attack and is learning to run the family business while adjusting to men asking her out. Marla Galani becomes uber-wealthy but suddenly lonely so she attempts to reconnect with former friends and family.

Sure, I could tell you more, but then I’d ruin all the twists and turns! I’ll just repeat what one reviewer said: “You’re bound to see yourself in at least one of these women, maybe in all of them.”

These novels are Contemporary Women’s Fiction with strong threads of romance and inspiration. They each conclude with a satisfying, happily-every-after ending you’ll love.